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A man was eating with his wife a chicken..
Then a beggar knocked at the door and was forsaken.
The man then had his riches all taken.
He was divorced and heart-broken
She had to marry another to be unbroken
One day he was eating with his wife a chicken,
Believe it or not her husband was the one disliken
The divorced one knocked at the door,
Had a cold soar
Was very poor
But was honored as a "senior" [Mexican way of saying "sir"]
Got a packet of meat,
please have a seat..
To the fullest you shall eat..
There's something incomplete...
Am i the one whom you asked to..
For meat you asked and i withdrew..
your right.. Doesn't matter if you are a mallu [people who speak Malayalam]
Or if you speak Urdu..
Or if you are a cordon bleu
All it matters is your generosity..
Which can always help you.
Which could have made love grew..
And could have made your image better drew..
Such were the people of the prophets time..
So learn something from time to time..

I wrote a page of rap
This ain't no scrap
Didn't do this for a clap
Nor for a nap..
To generosity you shall grab.

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