1)Islamic songs--Zain's new edition of the palestine song. 2) DAILY articles below the introduction. 3) Islamic songs--Zain's 1415 The begining part 1 and 2. 4) Islamic songs--Zain's new edition of zammilooni. 5) Islamic songs--Zain's new nasheed of who i am. 6) Islamic song-- Zain's new nasheed of The prophet's faithful friend. 7) Islamic song--zain's new edition of The peace train. 8) Other songs added. 9) Islamic songs--Zain's new edition of Fortunate is he. 10) Islamic comedy shows-- hajj with baba ali part 1 and 2. 11) islamic songs-- Zain bhika's deen ul islam song. 12) islamic movies (online)-- The story of the prophet yusuf.



Those who have no idea how to enjoy islam they say that having fun in islam is haram.This is the right website for the people who think like that and the people who want to find out how to make islam fun. But the media wants others to see muslims as extremists just because they pray 5 times a day, they sacrifice things for Allah, they even pray an extra prayer in the day of joy and celebration(Eid) and mainly their belief in Allah makes the media think they are extremists.

Results forIslamic Prophets

1. He was swallowed by a whale.

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The correct answer was Yunus.

Prophet Yunus (as) was swallowed by a whale because he wasn't patient with his people and complained. As a lesson, Allah sent Yunus into the whale where Yunus learned that you must be patient and that Allah is ruler of all things.

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2. He could cure the blind and bring dead people back to life.

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The correct answer was Isa.

Prophet Isa (as) was given these special miracles, amongst many more.

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3. He built the Ka'bah with his son, Ismaeel.

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The correct answer was Ibrahim.

Once in a lifetime, a Muslim must make a pilgrimage to Makkah and walk seven times around the Ka'bah as part of the ritual.

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4. He had the power to interpret the meaning of dreams.

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The correct answer was Yusuf.

Prophet Yusuf (as) was not only given this special miracle but was given the gift of handsomeness and he was the most handsome person on Earth.

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5. Shaitan refused to bow down to this prophet because he thought that he was superior since he was created from fire and this prophet from clay.

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The correct answer was Adam.

Adam (as) was the first prophet ever created.

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6. His people's punishment was having Angel Jibril (as) pick up the land that they were on, raise it high, turn it upside down, and drop it. (He and his followers had all left this city, so they were saved).

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The correct answer was Lut.

Even though Prophet Lut (as) was a believer, his wife was a disbeliever and she was destroyed in the terrible punishment.

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7. This prophet, who was also a king, had the power to talk to the animals and Jinns.

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The correct answer was Sulaiman.

Sulaiman (as) used to have the Jinns work for him and when he died, the Jinns continued to work for him because they didn't know that he was dead until much later.

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8. This prophet received the Zabur and was the father of the prophet mentioned in the previous question.

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The correct answer was Dawud.

Dawud (as) is most remembered as defeating the giant Jalut (Goliath in English) with his slingshot.

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9. This prophet was able to turn his staff into a real-live snake, a task so amazing that even the magicians at the time were baffled!

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The correct answer was Musa.

Musa (as) was so strong that he accidentally killed somebody just by pushing them a little bit.

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10. This was the final prophet of Allah and his people were given the sign of the moon splitting in half.

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The correct answer was Muhammad.

Muhammad (S) was born in Makkah and performed a Hijrah and traveled to Madinah.

90% of players haveanswered correctly.
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