1)Islamic songs--Zain's new edition of the palestine song. 2) DAILY articles below the introduction. 3) Islamic songs--Zain's 1415 The begining part 1 and 2. 4) Islamic songs--Zain's new edition of zammilooni. 5) Islamic songs--Zain's new nasheed of who i am. 6) Islamic song-- Zain's new nasheed of The prophet's faithful friend. 7) Islamic song--zain's new edition of The peace train. 8) Other songs added. 9) Islamic songs--Zain's new edition of Fortunate is he. 10) Islamic comedy shows-- hajj with baba ali part 1 and 2. 11) islamic songs-- Zain bhika's deen ul islam song. 12) islamic movies (online)-- The story of the prophet yusuf.




Mountains of makkah

zain bhikhas nasheed


Allah knows

zain bhikhas nasheed with daud warnsby

Sinful slave

A is for Allah 

zain bhikha nasheed singing islam in alpheberts 

How can you deny the Oneness of Allah

Zammilooni (cover me)

zain bhikha ,singing a song of when jibrail a.s came to the prophet and he said read,read but he could not read and he went to khadijah r.a and he said zammilooni zammilooni (protect me potect me ) dathirooni dathirooni (cover me cover me)    

Not afraid to stand alone

a song of zain bhikha about palestine

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The prophet

Have you heard ?

Beautiful nasheed about kosovo, afghanistan, chechnya, iraq, bosnia...

About Muhammad (saw)

You are very special

Give thanks to Allah

Praise be to prophet (saw)

1415 The beginning Part 1 and 2

Zammilooni (2009)

Who i am

The prophet's faithful friend

The peace train

Fortunate is he (2009)

Deen il Islam (2010)


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